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Emory Studies in Early Christianity
Volumes in Emory Studies in Early Christianity (ESEC) investigate early Christian literature within the context of Mediterranean literature, religion, society, and culture. ESEC authors use interdisciplinary methods informed by social, rhetorical, literary, and anthropological approaches to move beyond limits within traditional literary-historical investigations. Whether monograph, revised dissertation, or collection of essays, each ESEC volume works from the presupposition that Christianity began as a Jewish movement in various geographical, political, economic, and social locations in the Greco-Roman World.

Publication of ESEC volumes is made possible with the generous support of the Pierce Program in Religion of Oxford College of Emory University.

The ESEC editorial board is led by general editors Vernon K. Robbins (Emory University) and David B. Gowler (Oxford College of Emory University and Center for Ethics, Emory University) and associate editors Bart B. Bruehler (Indiana Wesleyan University) and Robert H. von Thaden Jr. (Mercyhurst University). The editorial board includes the following members:
Juan Hernández Jr., Bethel University
Susan E. Hylen, Emory University
Brigitte Kahl, Union Theological Seminary
Mikeal C. Parsons, Baylor University
Russell B. Sisson, Union College
Shively T. J. Smith, Boston University School of Theology
Elaine M. Wainwright, University of Auckland

For more information about publishing a book in this series, contact general editors Vernon K. Robbins or David B. Gowler.


Paul and the Resurrected Body: Social Identity and Ethical Practice
by Matt O’Reilly, 2020, ESEC 22
paperback hardcover
Beyond Mary or Martha: Reclaiming Ancient Models of Discipleship
by Jennifer S. Wyant, 2019, ESEC 21
paperback hardcover
The Rhetoric of Abraham’s Faith in Romans 4
by Andrew Kimseng Tan, 2018, ESEC 20
paperback hardcover
The Art of Visual Exegesis: Rhetoric, Texts, Images
edited by Vernon K. Robbins, Walter S. Melion, and Roy R. Jeal, 2017, ESEC 19
paperback hardcover
Lydia as a Rhetorical Construct in Acts
by Alexandra Gruca-Macaulay, 2016, ESEC 18
paperback hardcover
The “Nocturnal Side of Science” in David Friedrich Strauss’s Life of Jesus Critically Examined
by Thomas Fabisiak, 2015, ESEC 17
paperback hardcover
Sex, Christ, and Embodied Cognition: Paul’s Wisdom for Corinth
by Robert H. von Thaden Jr., 2017, ESEC 16
paperback hardcover
Friendship and Benefaction in James
by Alicia J. Batten, 2017, ESEC 15
paperback hardcover
Sea Voyages and Beyond: Emerging Strategies in Socio-Rhetorical Interpretation
by Vernon K. Robbins, 2018, ESEC 14
paperback hardcover

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