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Throughout most of its history the Bible has been more than any one thing. In fact, we should properly be talking about Bibles rather than the Bible. As a society, we strive to include the many and diverse ways to read, interpret, apply, proclaim, study, or even enact biblical literature. And yet there are other ways that biblical literature happens that might still emerge within our society. We are as many as there are ways to do, think, or speak biblical in our modern contexts.
The continued relevance of biblical literature and biblical knowledge across several areas of modern life sustains the work of SBL. As members, we engage in work that pushes the boundaries of critical knowledge. This website serves as one of the gathering spots where we can share information and, most of all, as a place where we can think and dream of new ways to expand our work. This work, as you see, happens through the selfless contributions of many persons and organizations dedicated to the interest of enriching our common life on this fragile planet.
In a time when the pressures on sustaining a viable life in all forms are great, biblical knowledge has the potential to connect modern users and readers with generations of previous writers, editors, and shapers of original knowledge who struggled through their own challenges. Whatever spurs your curiosity and passion in biblical knowledge, I sincerely wish that this website opens up further avenues for you. Even more, I wish that the website connects you with the global community of creators and consumers of biblical knowledge dedicated to fostering and sustaining this vital work.
Steed Vernyl Davidson
Executive Director


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